Saturday, 8 June 2013

CULIETTA 'Veiled' in TUSH magazine

one of my favourite ever pictures in Tush magazine, so beautiful, If I had any idea who the photographer was Id get in touch and ask for a hi-res image for my wall, so good!
(if anyone knows, you know how to get in touch!)

CULIETTA 'Veiled' headpiece in Spindle magazine

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bunny Tail chest harness in SPINDLE magazine

shot By: Thomas Dearnley-Davison
Get your very own here:

Ellen Rogers shoots CULIETTA

I cant get enough of the very talented Ellen Rogers, she shot these CULIETTA headpieces and arm pieces in this amazing shoot layered over one another.
Have a look at her work here:

Recent Press

CULIETTA spike ring 

CULIETTA crow claw necklaces

Sorry Ive been a bit slack recently with the old updates! Just finishing off the new collection and getting ready to shoot the lookbook, cant wait to show you all!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Betty headpiece for Hunger TV

Looking gooooood behind a furry background.
Photographer Adam Fussell was inspired by Narnia from the lion the witch and the wardrobe for the shoot, looks GORGEOUS!

Monday, 18 February 2013

James Hock necklace

Bought this amazing pendant from my friend and fellow designer James Hock AND I LOVE IT


Thinking about the new collection already!
It's always difficult when you spend so long on a project that you want to share with the world just to completely move on, but here we go, s/s14

New collection at fashion week

A/W13 is ready!

Monday, 7 January 2013


Nicole wearing th SPINLESS backpiece in the BEATS commercial, (bear in mind shes jiggling around in the commercial!) but it looks gorgeous with the Martina spetlova leather jacket that ive had my beady eyes on for ages now.

Friday, 14 December 2012


I was asked to customise a leather jacket for RIMMEL which was equal parts fun and painful, as anyone who has studded a leather jacket will know its TIME CONSUMING and will, even if you have the leather bag hands of a jewellery designer/prop maker cut your fingers to ribbons.
looks good though!

working on LOADS of amazing stuff at the moment, cant wait to share with y'all but ive got to keep it all secret so far. ITS HARD

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Amber Atherton in CULIETTA spiked headpiece

aww she looks amazing, the lovely Amber, queen of MyFlashTrash wore my piece to the inspirational women of the year awards last night, goes really well with the beautiful dress she wore, you can buy the piece on her site here: or as of Friday at the W hotel in Leicester square London

Friday, 2 November 2012

The CULIETTA lookbook is here!

Shot by the amazing Helen Kirkbright, styled by Hannah oakley and make up and hair by nadia altinbas.
We pulled clothes from Peter Twiss, James Hock and underwear from Nikki made by Nikki. With backdrops provided by Luke Weston from some beautiful bespoke wallpaper makers we had a great day, I've worked with the girls before from an art direction point of view but it was a little different being the client! Alice Viner the model was also a dream to work with.
So pleased with the finished images

My Halloween pumpkin

My sister came round and carved pumpkins with me on Sunday, proper good clean fun (apart from the filthsome swearwords I was spouting when I got something wrong)

Bloody gray press days

The press days were amazing. Totally privileged to spend some time with some great designers and met some proper nice people hopefully who ill be working with again soon.
Here's my manky arm modelling one of Maria Pianas beautiful arm pieces, gold plated no less, her new collection is literally to die for, the piece I'm modelling there is bloody lethal (just how I like my jewellery)
A close up of the Culietta 'Front' chain jacket, gotta lotta love that piece.
Bas Kosters hiding amongst his collection in a quiet moment where we weren't chatting to the assorted stylists buyers and members of the press who came along to the press days.
A black LCDB rucksack which I had my beedy eye on for the wholesale event after and am now kicking myself for not buying
The wonderful Alan Taylor super talented designer, lover of road beers my bezzie for the press days and model of the culietta Diane chain fringe piece.
And me, 'modelling' what has to be the most beautiful leather jacket ever to be on my body. Martina Spetlovas new collection is to die for, the things that woman does with leather is riduculous.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012