Friday, 2 November 2012

Bloody gray press days

The press days were amazing. Totally privileged to spend some time with some great designers and met some proper nice people hopefully who ill be working with again soon.
Here's my manky arm modelling one of Maria Pianas beautiful arm pieces, gold plated no less, her new collection is literally to die for, the piece I'm modelling there is bloody lethal (just how I like my jewellery)
A close up of the Culietta 'Front' chain jacket, gotta lotta love that piece.
Bas Kosters hiding amongst his collection in a quiet moment where we weren't chatting to the assorted stylists buyers and members of the press who came along to the press days.
A black LCDB rucksack which I had my beedy eye on for the wholesale event after and am now kicking myself for not buying
The wonderful Alan Taylor super talented designer, lover of road beers my bezzie for the press days and model of the culietta Diane chain fringe piece.
And me, 'modelling' what has to be the most beautiful leather jacket ever to be on my body. Martina Spetlovas new collection is to die for, the things that woman does with leather is riduculous.

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