Sunday, 10 July 2011

off to Berlin I go

Im going to Berlin tomorrow eeeek! So excited so ASOS marketplace asked if I cold provide them with a wee piccy of 5 things Im taking, when they asked I was like sure, fiine 5 thisngs eeeeeaaaasy, but then actually 5 things is NOTHING, believe me I will definatley be taking more than 5 things in real life, anywezz, berlin guide book with lots of scribbles and notes from my friend whos lived there, and obviously my sketchbook for drawings if we stand still for long enough to sketch!
make up bag with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, essential!! cures everything even though mr CULIETTA hates the smell mac dark brown powder and Dior showtime mascara also out of sight is my ever present rimmel eyeliner
Iphone (obvs) although had a convoluted nightmare about roming charges last night
galaxy print scarf from YOURYESLIE
amelie armlet from CULIETTA still avaliable on ASOS marketplace, boom

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